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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> 4:30. good morning. thursday, november 3. i'm randy price. >> i'm erika tarantal. emily is off today. we're following breaking news on the eyeopener. a teenager hit by a car in boston. the new details we're learning overnight. >> polling information toss dollars out in the city o who's behind this. >> and world series champions. the cubs have finally done it after a century-long title drought. what a game. a nail-biter for both sides. >> still celebrating in chicago. >> they had a rain delay as
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hampshire. showers in northern worcester county stretching towards 495. showers a little bit more widespread across southern new hampshire this morning. there's not a lot of wind, but the temperatures are mild. we're running in the 50s in most spots. 50 for boston, 57 in worcester right now. there's a front draped across our area. there will be a difference today in the temperatures. notice the in the 50s. to the south, around 70. the farther north you are, the cooler it is. through the morning hours, the bulk of shower activity is north of the pike through about lunchtime. once we get into the afternoon hours, notice a period of showers coming through. so there will be some areas of rain for the evening commute. let's get you to the roads and see how we are doing.
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>> a check of the pike by allston/brighton. no problems here. let's get to the maps. so far, fairly quiet. heading into boston, no problems south of town. 24, route 395 looking good. the road work along the pike is wrapped up for the overnight hours. highland avenue to route 9, there is overnight construction. starting at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow part of 128 will be shut down for the removal of the highland avenue bridge. on schedule. i'm olessa. that's a look at your traffic. >> this is going to be a tough play. the cubs win the world series! brian makes the play. it's over. and the cubs have finally won it all! >> breaking overnight, they are still celebrating in the city of chicago after the cubs break the curse. they take the trophy. what a win it was.
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championship in more than a century in extra innings. >> take a look at the scene outside wrigley field. inside the locker room it was pandemonium this morning as the cubs got the celebration started. chicago's ben zobrist got the m.v.p. trophy thanks to the go-ahead r.b.i. in the 10th inning. this was a gruelling game for fans of both teams. a brief rain but they got it back in the 10th. ahead at 5:00, the man who helped break the curse of the cubs and red sox. we'll have that for you. >> and we're following breaking news out of the city of boston. a teenager critically hurt after being hit by a car. the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is at the scene in dorchester with breaking details. antoinette? >> randy, we got a lot of new
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we have learned that 18-year-old victim had just left a friend's house. she was trying to cross gallivan boulevard here in dorchester to catch the bus when she was hit by a car. here's a look at that scene from overnight. this happened around 10:30 last night near milton avenue. a pontiac gt was heading westbound when it hit the woman. the 25-year-old driver stayed at the scene. he was interviewed by troopers. investigators will determine if any charges will be filed in this accident. as for to boston medical center. we'll keep you posted on her condition. she was in critical condition. new information on air, online and with our mobile app. antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> it looked odd for it to be one piece, not delivering the mail. >> new this morning, questions after polling location postcards were trashed in cambridge.
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ahead of election day talking to newscenter 5. joe martins says he fears someone is tampering with election information. this morning the postmaster in cambridge and the u.s. postal service are taking action. martins says on monday he found the bundle of postcards in the trash of his building on glassworks avenue. the postcards from the cambridge election commission were intended for reader voters, helping them find the right polling place. martins says he did not receive his early voting infti incident has him concerned. >> it's not comforting in any way. i don't think most people are very -- i think it's a high anxiety election as it is, and then to find something like this -- it was just unsettling. >> the city of cambridge says the election commission has spoken to the postmaster in cambridge about this incident. it is a federal crime to tamper with mail. it should be noted the postcards are not needed to vote. so keep that in mind.
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didn't get it. >> commitment 2016. five days to go and there is a shift in the battleground map. abc news is now moving utah and ohio back into the donald trump column. states in yellow, arizona, north carolina, and florida are too close to call right now. but in that scenario, hillary clinton still gets past the 270 electoral votes needed to win the election. trump would have to take a blue state out of her column. both camps trading on the campaign trail. >> imagine having a president who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos, african-americans muslims -- >> if only for decades of self-dealing interests politics of personal enrichment and pay to play, we have to decide here and now that hillary clinton will never be elected president
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>> clinton is in north carolina. >> new hampshire's senate race is in a dead heat. the last wmur poll giving democrat maggie hassan a one-point lead over kelly ayotte. among talks in the debate last night, gun control and military >> she said on 35 different educations she supported him, she called him a role model for our children and then when the political wins change, that's when she changed her position. >> she has not stepped away from hillary clinton on one thing. i have actually taken the action of saying that i'm not going to be voting for our nominee because i am concerned about the actions that he has talked about.
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debate for the candidates before election day. >> a mixed-race family a target in new hampshire. >> the hateful messages and new clues to try to figure out who did it. an mbta crackdown on sexual assault. the new campaign to keep passengers safe. >> my timeline on rain moving and when the temperatures turn much cooler once again. randy? >> breaking overnight, the cubs world series champs after 108
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>> new clues after a 7-year-old
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by racially-fueled vandalism. jacquelyn stimpson and her son have lived in derry, new hampshire, for five years with no problems. now they have suffered three separate attacks. their car keyed with a racial slur, then eggs, fried chicken and watermelon smeared on the vehicle. finally a racial slur on a sign left on her lawn. stimpson now has security camera images of the car that did slow down in front of her home. police want anyone with information to come forward. >> new research is light on a controversial health issue. the discovery linking football injuries to a devastating brain condition. the country music awards crossing over.
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from students like mine. massachusetts schools already lose 400 million a year to charters and question two means we'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't attend a charter school. if you believe every child deserves a great public
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>> another nice start. mild. >> great out there. >> yeah. when the sun comes up, you're going to go, oh. there's a lot of clouds around. >> managed some sunshine. hit 70 in boston. >> felt good. >> it did. quite a change across the area. let me show you what we need. that is rainfall. we'll get some today.
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month of november. still talking about the deficit over 9 inches. so we need the rain. notice where the bulk of it is. southern new hampshire, generally long and north of the pike, that is your best chance of rain today. southeastern massachusetts probably isn't going to see too much at all out of this. and the bulk of it comes as we get into the afternoon hours. couple of showers around through lunchtime. i think some steady rain coming in during the afternoon. so heavier wet weather gear we've got showers mainly across southern new hampshire. a couple have been farther south. we've got showers drifting towards the north shores. in southern hampshire, showers in nashua will shift eastward. worcester is 57 degrees. it is 54 in boston right now. and notice running in the lower 50s on cape cod.
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degrees right now. and there's a frontal boundary draped across our area. to the north it is going to be much cooler. a big difference in temperatures on the other side of the front. we'll watch this front ride that rain in. best chance of rain coming in from 2:00 toward the evening commute. notice the temperatures in the 50s to near 60 i nashua to lawrence up to concord it's in the 50s. so much cooler to the north today. that's where we have the best chance of showers through the morning commute and through lunchtime. about 1:00, 2:00, here's rain west of the worcester. that is going to shift eastward by about 3:00 this afternoon. so a couple of showers around for that evening commute and then notice how we're drying things out by about 8:00 this evening and overnight the skies
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40s. they don't come up much tomorrow. a cooler day tomorrow, only in the lower 50s. behind this front, the winds pick up and, wow, cooler air is settling in. so the wind is the big story tomorrow as they are going to be gusting up around 20 miles per hour in the morning and even throughout the day you're going to notice the wind giving a blustery feel, bringing a chilly, but mainly dry, weekend. saturday we turn the clocks back one hour. soon 4:30 in the afternoon. a little bit of a moderating trend and dry weather expected as we head into the election day locally on tuesday. so a little bit of rain and the farther north you are, the better chance you'll get wet. >> this morning we're in good shape. no rains to contend with across the zakim bridge. lever connector toward the bottom of the screen. we're looking good in both directions. let's get to the maps.
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not a lot of construction. south, we did have road work on route 3 by union street. that's gone. road work is wrapping up on 128 from route 9 to highland avenue. around the pike no problems. north of town, so far an issue-free start. >> olessa, thank you. this man is behind bars, accused in the deadly ambush of two iowa police officers. this morning we're getting a look at new video of a confrontation he had wit weeks ago. police confronted scott michael green at the urbandale high school football stadium last month. he was carrying a confederate flag. that stadium is at the intersection where one of the officers was shot and killed yesterday. during the incident a month ago, green was asked to leave school property for creating a disturbance. green posting the video on youtube. >> when you fly a confederate flag standing in front of african-american people, that's going to cause a disturbance.
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>> i never said it wasn't your right. >> my constitutional right. >> 24-year-old urbandale officer justin martin was found shot and killed sitting in his cruiser. sergeant anthony bemeano was found 20 minutes later. green turned himself in to police hours after the killing. >> a new study out of boston university providing the first solid link between football and degenerative brain disease. research shows a connection between brain inflammation brought on by head injuries and connected to cte. the research brings doctors one step closer to early diagnosis and treatment. some doctors are concerned controversial prostate screening recommendations may have gone too far. a study finds a 29% drop in the
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2012. that's when the task force recommended against a blood test to check most healthy men for prostate cancer. doctors say it is too soon to tell if men with dangerous cancers missed out on treatment. >> to your economy. fit bit sales are dropping off. the device maker stock sale as much -- fell as much as 30%. sales are expected to be lower than the initial estimate. fit bit's co-founder says the company is looking to double wn a mixed decision for asian markets overnight. investors are keeping an eye on the latest jobless claim numbers due out before the opening bell. >> a star-studded country music awards in nashville. the first award given out by familiar faces. the u.s. women's olympic gymnastics team.
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happy man. >> and the biggest award of the night, entertainer of the year, went to country music legend garth books. his first single peaked on the billboard charts in 1989. ? with his >> and a rare sight on stage. beyonce performing alongside the dixie chicks. they drew praise from the audience and from social media. congratulations to a friend of the eyeopener, laura, for penning song of the year.
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a tribute to big papi. a local couple retiring in their 30s. the advice they have for everyone. >> witnessing history on the baseball field as the cubs bring home the world series trophy. chicago edging out the indians last night in extra innings in cleveland.
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>> it's five minutes before 5:00. we're following breaking news in your early "news to go." >> two u.s. service members have been killed fighting the taliban in afghanistan. nato says two other u.s. service members were hurt. with afghanistan allies. we'll bring more information as soon as we get it. >> also breaking this morning, a car crashes into a woman as she tries to catch a bus in boston. this is happening in dorchester. the 18-year-old victim is in critical condition. police say she was crossing gallivan boulevard last night when she was hit. the driver did stop, stayed at the scene for the investigation, interviewed by police. no charges have been filed. >> testimony continues today in
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the death penalty again. gary sampson is back in a federal court years of a his initial death penalty sentence was thrown out. the prosecution painting him as a merciless man who outsmarted his victims. defense saying he's been struggling with a lifetime of traumatic brain injury. >> the t is launching a new campaign to keep passengers safe. the t along with coalition of advocate groups trying to drive home the message that sexual assaults will not be toled. passengers to report incidents of sexual harassment. the t is working with the boston rape crisis center and the center for independent living. >> a generous donation will save christmas for hundreds of military families on the cape. toys for tots says it will replace the gifts the cape cod military support foundation lost in the fire this week in bourne. about 6,000 toys kept in storage trailers were destroyed this the fire. the donation will be made
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is discussing his future this morning. number 12, one on one with our mike lynch. he answered big questions. >> who remains the patriots longer, tom brady or bill belichick? >> i don't see him retiring anytime soon either. i don't find myself retiring anytime soon either. we'll see. this has been my home for 17 years. so i never want to go anywhere else. >>yn thoughts about retiring at the end of his contract. the quarterback says he feels better than he did at 25. so no plans to stop anytime soon. >> to another sports star. big papi gets hoppy. limited edition beer is to be
4:58 am
breweries friday. each bottle costs $29.99. all proceeds go to the david ortiz children's fund. >> i like that. >> really cute. >> that's a win-win right there. absolutely. all right, it is thursday and about 8:00 this morning the drought monitor is going to be updating. we've had our share of rain over the past couple of weeks. we'll see how it managed the drought. you know we're in the extreme drought situation around west. rainfalls still up over 9 inches. rain today will be focused along and north of the pike. half an inch of rain in new hampshire, more in parts of northern new england. the showers working across southern new hampshire, a few closer into boston. that's the first wave of rain. the second is back around toronto and buffalo right now.
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well. it's following a frontal boundary which is separating air masses right now. so it's going to be cooler north of that front today. there's still a lot of warmth to the south. you can see how warm it's going to be around new york city. we hit 70 yesterday. today we'll be near 60 in boston. could be close to 70 in southeastern massachusetts. close to 80 today around d.c. behind the front, drying things in chicago. but temperatures a little bit cooler. so watch this wave pressure work across southern new england today and the skies clear out overnight, winds pick up. that is going to bring in much cooler air tomorrow and especially the weekend. so high temperatures only in the lower 50s tomorrow with those gusty winds. we may not get to 50 degrees on sunday. as we head toward early next week monday into tuesday, the weather looks quiet with a warming trend for election day. temperatures likely coming up to near 60 degrees. so notice throughout the day locally on election day, no reason why you can't get out
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today we've got the rain in the forecast. the timeline for you right now as the eyeopener continues. >> now on newscenter 5 oppressive -- >> the curse is broken. the cubs are world series champs. key plays from the dramatic game that stretched into extra innings, this morning. >> also breaking, a teenager critically hurt in boston. the information just in on a crash in dorchester. >> a mother and child the vandalism stunning the neighborhood, on the eye this morning. >> we are live in chicago as the celebration continues this morning. fans and cubs alike basking in the glow of the world series victory.


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